Colour Variants

Colours: Oyster 0010

Colours: Oyster 0019

Product Samples

Colour:   Oyster 0010
Texture:  Diamond Hammered
Detail:     - Nil -

Description: Monarc 10mm Oyster Concrete first reveals the inner aggregate and is then Diamond bush-hammered to create an evenly rough surface texture. The Diamond Hammered finish gives excellent difusion of light glare where high reflection could effect passing traffic or users of open spaces areas.

(Diamond Hammering is not recommended in areas of tagging or graffiti - Consider instead Monarc Diamond Honing or Diamond Brushing)  

Colour:   Oyster 0010
Texture:  Diamond Brushed 320
Detailling: - Nil -

Description: Monarc Oyster 10mm concrete blend is efficiently refined to provide an incredibly tactile & luxurious surface texture. Crushed aggregate edges are smoothed off as the enveloped cement matrix is gently polished away with unique diamond brushes providing a safe welcoming texture inviting and invigorating to the touch. 

An ideal solution in all Pedestrian areas, Hospitals, Schools, Homes and Open spaces.

Colour:   Oyster 0019
Texture:  Diamond Honed 5000
Detail:    - Nil -

Description: Monarc Oyster 0019 blend is formulated to deliver a regular distribution of upto 19mm graded aggregates throughout the concrete withe and across the revealled surface area. 



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