Colour Variants

Colours: Caviar 0819

Colours: Caviar 0519

Colours: Caviar 0219

Product Samples

Colour: Caviar 0519
Texture: Full coverage Detailing
Detailing: Grated 0508-08 Horizontal

Sample Description: Monarc Caviar 0519 concrete features decorative horizontal cut textures at 8mm centres. The resulting concrete slithers are bush hammered off to leave a textured grated effect.  Cut angle may be orientated vertically promoting a 'self cleaning' attribute to the concrete. 


Colour: Caviar 0519
Texture: Diamond Brushed 320
Detailing: -Nil -

Sample Description: This Sample of Monarc Caviar 0519 concrete features a highly tactile Diamond Brushed 320 grade textured refinement that is beautifully soothing to the touch. The Non-abrasive flowing texture is one of the smartest surface textures available and is ideal for hospitals, schools, shopping centres and any area with high pedestrian exposure. The gentle texturing diffuses the reflection of natural light while revealing the beautiful polished aggregates from the heart of the concrete. Easy to clean and maintain in all environments.


Colour : Monarc Caviar 0519
Texture : Monarc Diamond Hammered
Detaling : - Nil -

Sample Description: Monarc Caviar 0519 blend has been Monarc Diamond Hammered to provide a non reflective, heavily textured surface refinement. Texturing provides a controlled consistency of appearance. Requires 7 days curing of concrete prior to processing for consistency of Diamond hammering appearance.

Colour: Caviar 0519
Texture: Diamond Honed 5000
Detailing: - Nil -

Sample Description: Monarc Caviar 0519 concrete is refined through Monarc Diamond Honing and polishing to an ultra shine 5000 grade . The beautiful finish reveals and polished the inner heart of concrete aggregate and provides a safe easily maintained surface finish. 

Greater depth of natural colours can be achieved through the application of solvent based clear coatings. 

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